Here’s a game about soldering and tinkering with old school electronics

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Not long ago I played Last Call BBS, a puzzle anthology that included a minigame about assembling model robot kits—using tools to snip them off the plastic sprues, then connecting, painting, and even stickering them. I get a sense of the same pleasant tactility watching the release trailer for Retro Gadgets, an upcoming game that will let you build your own videogame handheld, calculator, digital pet, or chiptune starter kit.

“Lose yourself as you build, solder, code, customise, and play with electrifying gadgets at your relaxing workbench”, says the Steam page (opens in new tab) description. “Build video game consoles, weather machines, lightboards, radios, drum machines… any gadget you can think of. What will you come up with next?”

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