Logitech G G502 X gaming mouse boasts quick hybrid optical-mechanical LIGHTFORCE switches » Gadget Flow

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Upgrade your gaming setup with a gadget you can use for work, too: the Logitech G G502 X gaming mouse. Offering the company’s first-ever hybrid optical-mechanical LIGHTFORCE switches, it delivers in precision, speed, and reliability. In fact, it also offers mechanical actuation so you can enjoy the crisp, tactile feedback that you love. Additionally, it also has the HERO 25K sub-micron sensor that provides zero smoothing, filtering, and acceleration. Not only that, but this sensor also gives you superior tracking and smart energy consumption features as well. With a seriously lightweight design, this gadget weighs just 89 grams and has a thin exoskeleton. However, while it uses minimal materials, it boasts a rigid structure and lightweight scroll wheel. Impressively, it moves freely in hyperfast mode or with clicks in ratcheted mode. You can even tilt the wheel left and right for fully programmable controls.

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