XreArt Frames in hands-on: Apple iPhone, Nintendo Game Boy and Co. become framed wall decoration

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The workmanship shows minor weaknesses

However, our review sample also shows minor drawbacks that customers have to put up with. On the one hand, the casing of the iPhone 2G shows visible signs of use, from deep scratches to deformed edges. This can hardly be avoided with retro devices, because XreArt has to resort to used devices in moderate condition to achieve an acceptable price.

On the other hand, one of our two frames has a relatively deep scratch on the back. The front of both frames is flawless, and there is nothing else to complain about in terms of workmanship. Two nails are required to hang the frame on the wall, as the frame has a suspension at the corners – this makes sense in view of the rather high weight. It is interesting that the design, up to the arrangement of the components, is practically identical with competitors like Grid Studio. Apparently several companies source products from the same manufacturer.

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